Study The Leadership Gift Program 8 Core Modules live via web conference with Christopher Avery starting March 4.

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The 8 Core Modules are the core material in The Leadership Gift Program and offer the proven tools and practices for personal leadership growth and change.


The 8 Core Modules were last taught November-February 2014 and always cause a lot of excitement and breakthrough for people in the program. 

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“I have completed negotiations to acquire my own company! I am on my way to making a dream come true and I would never have had the courage to do this without The Leadership Gift Program.”

-Tami M. Cole, Owner/President, Documentation Strategies, Inc., Rensselaer, NY (LinkedIn)


“Before, I was a manager of resources, but not a leader of people. I was effective, but didn’t have people’s hearts.

After practicing The Leadership Gift I became so aware. I saw how my  behaviors were reflected in others. I saw how I unconsciously supported the very behaviors in my team that I wanted to change.

Now, two years later, I lead myself first. I demonstrate the behaviors I want to see in others, and in so doing, I give tacit permission to others to change with me. I don’t worry about my own career. My career is making their career soar.”

-Mike Kaufman, Software Manager, Burlington, Ontario, Canada (LinkedIn)

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