Coming Soon: Your Responsibility Mastery Opportunity

Soon, as your Immersion course ends, you will unlock the opportunity to join the worldwide Responsibility Mastery community. You’ve had a taste of Responsibility Mastery by:

  • Attending Application Mastery,
  • Meeting the Immersion faculty,
  • Meeting the Mastery colleagues who went through the Immersion course with you,
  • Having access to the Forum and then Slack, and
  • Seeing Christopher’s emails that mentioned Mastery activities and events.


I hope you have attended one or more Application Mastery calls during your Immersion course. If you haven’t yet I strongly encourage you to make this a priority before your course ends.

Application Mastery is where

  • the rubber meets the road,
  • you make the breakthroughs that change your life, and where
  • you leverage a Responsibility Master to exercise Confront on problems in ways that obliterate the problems and reveal the Freedom, Power and Choice that was always there.


Where are you with your Responsibility practice?

You may identify with one of these Immersion participant descriptions:

  • I’m all in; I’ve made significant progress and there’s no way I’m going to stop now.
  • I’m feeling pressure to complete the course and get my certificate, but other priorities are pulling at me.
  • I’m not sure I can complete the requirements in the time remaining.
  • I’m overwhelmed; I’ve been confronted with some uncomfortable things and have backed off.
  • I’ll soon have my Certificate, which was my goal. Almost there!


As you approach the end of the Immersion course, you have an opportunity to exercise your Freedom, Power and Choice about continuing to develop your Responsibility practice. Wherever you are on your journey, stay focused and finish strong if you can.

If you’re in overwhelm, experiencing “below the line” coping states like Lay Blame, Justify, Shame, or have conflicting priorities, know that you are human. We have paths open for you to continue your practice and set an intention to break through these problems. One important way is to join the Mastery community; as an Immersion graduate, you qualify.


We’ll let you know in the final weeks of Immersion how to claim your spot in Mastery. Congratulations for getting this far! Claim your win.

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